Tea Time

I’d like to share with you today this project that I created using an old teapot with the new Patina Effects Pastes and Waxes. If you’ve been following the projects I’ve been creating online, you know how I’m basically addicted to using them on anything I can get my hands on! Here’s a quick step by step guide for you to create your own…

For this project, I transformed an old teapot that I’d picked up at a yard sale for basically nothing (twenty five cents) that was pretty scratched up and needed a new lease on life. And I thought that it would make the perfect photo holder. All of the projects I’ve been creating with the new Patina Effects Pastes have used Heavy Black Gesso, so I decided that I wanted to go out of my comfort zone and see what the results look like on a lighter palette. I used Heavy White Gesso to create my ground for this project and applied the gesso in a cross hatch pattern to build some texture for the background.

Once the gesso dried, I began applying a few colors of the new Waxes to add some beautiful color and shimmer to the project. I first applied Green Brocade Opal Magic Wax randomly over the entire teapot, followed with Turquoise Satin Opal Magic Wax. The Opal Magic Waxes give a subtle hint of color and shimmer to the background. Then I applied Lucky Emerald Antique Brilliance Wax to highlight the teapot and add a more antique finish. If you haven’t used the new Waxes yet, you’ll find that a little bit goes a very long way on your projects – not to mention they’re so creamy and they’ll make your studio smell divine!

Since the Patina Effects Pastes that I’d be using are predominently blue and green, I began decorating the background areas of the teapot with some of Finnabair’s stamps. Using a paint brush, I inked the rubber stamps with Mermaid Sparkle Sparks Acrylic Paint and randomly stamped onto the teapot. The Sparks paints add a touch of shimmer and sparkle to the background – and since I loved how this color appeared on the background I decided to highlight a few of the areas with this color as well.

Once the Sparks paints had dried, it was time to start using the Patina Effects Pastes! Because there wasn’t any flat surfaces on the teapot, I used my finger to first apply the Blue Patina Paste randomly on the teapot, followed with the Mint Patina Paste. Once both of those had dried, I used a brush to highlight these areas with the Brass Patina Paste. Because the them of the Art Recipe was “LOVE” I used a stencil to add this word around the rim of the teapot on the top using the pastes in the same order. You can use a heat tool to set each color but you’ll discover that these pastes dry pretty quickly and for this project I found that I didn’t even need to use a heat tool between colors.

Now it was time to start adding all of my embellishments to the teapot. I colored all of the embellishments first with Heavy White Gesso, followed with the Waxes as used in the same order for coloring the background of the teapot plus a touch of the Metallic Copper Wax on the embellishments to both highlight and match the patina finish. Because of the round shape of the teapot, I bent the embellishments to match the contour of the teapot and adhered them to the teapot with Snowflake Paste.

While the Snowflake Paste was still wet, I sprinkled Micro Beads in Splash, Grass and Copper and then heat set. Once the paste was dry, I went back in with a detail brush and highlighted areas with the Sparks Mermaid Sparkle.

Although most of my projects have MUCH more embellishments added, I wanted the focal point of this project to be the photograph so I focused more on the small details for this project. The screw heads that were added onto the top of the handle and around the rim are actually brads that I colored and then simply cut off the holders and adhered them to the teapot. The pour spout features the Small Heart Locket filled with Brass Micro Beads.

There’s so many different possibilities for this project and you can introduce virtually any color combination to work with the Patina Effects Pastes. For a completely different look and depth, substitute black gesso at the beginning of your project. And because the teapot is double sided, the backside of the teapot reveals different embellishments!