Yes, I am indeed OBSESSED with the new Plaster Paste!!! I fully admit that since this product was introduced in January, I’ve been using it on almost every single project that I’ve been working on. If you follow me on Instagram (artnewwave) or have been following along with my Pandemonium posts, you’ve already seen some of the amazing textures that I’ve been creating for mixed media backgrounds on a variety of different projects.

Why do I love this product so much? It’s an easy way to add texture to almost any surface, and it dries very quickly with a heat tool. And more importantly, you can add an insane (no exaggeration!) amount of water and other liquids layered on top and it won’t loose it’s form or shape like some other texture pastes. I’ve been experimenting with washes lately, involving a lot of water as the base for mixing with acrylic paints and mica powders to create multiple layers of lighter density colors and the Plaster Paste is the PERFECT medium as a base for projects.

For this project I created the textured base with the Plaster Paste, then added my embellishments that were base painted with Heavy White Gesso. Once everything was dried and set, I added a diluted color wash consisting of water and Impasto Dark Chocolate – if you haven’t tried this combination before, it gives an awesome base coat color that resembles walnut ink or tea dye.

Once dried, I began adding color washes with some of the new Metallique colors – Golden Moss, Gold Amber, and Rustic Brown. This is a little bit of a different color palette for me, but I absolutely LOVE the results. I then went back in and highlighted with these same colors at ‘full strength’ to give a more intense metallic look. And what project wouldn’t be complete without a touch of our favorite waxes!?! I couldn’t resist adding Antique Brilliance Fire Ruby to highlight some of the embellishments, and Antique Brilliance Lucky Emerald on the background texture.

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