Compare and Contrast

Most people don’t look forward to the winter months of January and February, but those of us in the arts and crafts community certainly do because this is the time of the year that all of the new products are released by artists and manufacturers. And being one of the Brand Ambassadors for Finnabair, it’s like a late Christmas present when the her new products arrive to explore with right after the Holidays. When the box of all the new goodies arrives, I’ve made a new rule for myself for a little bit of motivation – I can’t open the box until I’ve taken down and put away all of Holiday decorations, and I’ve found that it’s the best motivation!

Just like everyone else, I’d been patiently waiting for the Finnabair releases and of course Anna didn’t disappoint with her newest products – Texture Pastes, Rust Effects Pastes, Metallique Paints, Dabbing Brushes and Mechanicals. With so many products, it was hard to narrow it down to just one project to showcase everything!

For those of you who follow my posts on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been collecting new finds at thrift stores, antique malls and markets. Because I wanted to showcase the versatility of the new Camouflage Rust Effects Pastes, I decided that I’d use a pair of home decor pieces to showcase the rich colors and textures that can be created with this set. I purchased both of these late 60’s era plastic home decor pieces at the Goodwill Surplus store, an amazing find that I knew could be easily transformed into something beautiful!

If you haven’t used the Rust Effects Pastes, there are multiple sets to choose from – and the colors are completely interchangeable between all of them, giving endless color combinations to work with! One of the features of the Rust Effects Pastes is that they can be used on virtually any surface without any prep work, which was perfect for transforming these plastic home decor pieces. For this project, I wanted to show everyone the different results that can be made with the same set of pastes for completely different results!

For the first decor piece, I worked from lighter to darker by first applying the Dusty color from the Camouflage Rust Effect Paste set with a Dabbing Brush which makes applying the pastes so simple and easy! Next I highlighted with the Brown paste, finishing with the Dark Olive. I heat set each color individually, but to achieve a completely different look you can apply the next color while the previous color is still wet giving you even more color options with each set!

For the second decor piece, I applied the colors in the opposite combination from darker to lighter – Dark Olive, Brown, and then Dusty. And the results? Completely different and both so amazing! There’s so many different combinations of colors that you can create by switching the order of these three colors found in the Camouflage Set, and I encourage you to try your favorite on a project.

Here’s a close up view of the two decor pieces, side by side for a better comparison of how different both of them look using the same set of colors but just in different order of application. I honestly can’t decide which of the two I like better – they’re both amazing in their own ways! What I love about the Rust Effects Pastes is that you can create such a beautiful texture so easily and they can be applied to virtually any surface without any prep work.

Although these pieces were beautiful with using just the Camouflage colors, of course I couldn’t resist adding some new metallic highlights with two of the new Metallique Paints in Rustic Brown and Golden Moss. By dry brushing these colors lightly onto the texture, the metallic highlights just add an another dimension and highlight to the finished home decor pieces.

The possibilities are absolutely endless with the other two new Rust Effects Paste sets – Military and Metal Rust. Don’t let the names fool you, these sets create stunning results that you can’t create with any other products!

I created this project that was featured on the Finnabair Blog as part of the Brand Ambassador’s New Products Review (Part Two) along with fellow Brand Ambassadors Elena Morgun (who also has a video tutorial of her project), Louise Nelson, and Kassa Hayselden.And in case you missed the first New Product Review, you can see what amazing projects were created by Gayle Price, Linda Cain, Riika Kovasin, Keren Tamir, and Dorota Kopec.