I’ve had many different ‘mantras’ for the New Year, usually a word or maybe a short and simple phrase that keeps me going through the good, the bad, and everything in between. For 2018, I’ve chosen to use BELIEVE as my mantra, my word to inspire and comfort me.

BELIEVE holds such a universal meaning, especially for the upcoming year. BELIEVE in myself, that I have the strength and courage to conquer anything that may come my way. BELIEVE in others, to give others love, respect, and a hand when needed. BELIEVE in the beauty of each new day and the endless possibilities that it offers.

Of course there’s all those details that add to the meaning to BELIEVE – strong and reliable in the vintage button, ‘Create Magic’ and other finding on top of the antique cheese grater I found a swap meet. And it’s all put together with Metallique paints and Art Ingredients textures.

This post was part of the Finnabair Ambassadors Post, where ALL of the Ambassadors created magical works of art to inspire all of you with ONE word to celebrate the Holidays and to bring in the New Year. Read the full post and view the Ambassadors’ work here.

Hoping this inspires you to create your own mantra piece for the New Year!