Bahama Memories

Many escape to the beach for a summer holiday, but I like to save those trips for the winter time when the dreary gray skies and rain of Seattle become a little bit on the unbearable side of things. With memories of the beautiful beaches and the crystal clear ocean surrounding the Bahamas on my mind, I decided that it was time I captured some of the memories from our trip there a few months ago.

I started this project with the shadow box frame, beginning with a base coat of Blue Patina Paste, followed with Mint Green Patina Paste. To add more colors that reminded me of the ocean, I highlighted the frame with some of the new Metallique paint colors – Midnight Sky, Mermaid Teal and a light touch of Coral Reef.

For the background of the project, I applied muslin fabric shaped with Clear Sculpture Medium to create my ‘water’. To add a little more stability to the project and to save some time, I mixed Heavy White Gesso with the Sculpture Medium. This way the fabric will already be primed with a coat of White Gesso and will actually help set the Sculpture Medium quicker. Many times when I’m working with the Sculpture Medium, once I have the fabric saturated with the medium, I basically don’t try to over think where I’m putting the fabric and let it naturally fall into place.

Once I heat set the fabric into place, I painted another quick coat of Heavy White Gesso onto the fabric. Once the gesso was completely clear, I started to make my ‘water’ background by first painting a layer of Metallique Deep Waters as my base coat and then heat set. I then followed with highlights of Metallique Emerald Green and Mermaid Teal to create a beautiful, layered background.

Now it was time to add some findings of our trip using Snowflake Paste as my adhesive for my shells, driftwood, Art Stones, Micro Beads in Splash and Grass, and a touch of crushed sea glass. Once dried, I painted the Art Stones and driftwood with Metallique Soft Satin, then highlighted the driftwood with Coral Reef. To add a little shimmer to the sea shells, a quick layer of the new Metallique White Pearl was the perfect touch.

To add a little more color to the background, I painted the back of a couple of Art Pebbles with Metallique Mermaid Teal and adhered them into place using the Snowflake Paste as my adhesive, then added some Art Stones around them for a little more texture. Around the edges of the photos, I mixed Metallique Coral Reef with Texture Powder and applied with a brush to give them a finished look and to add some texture to the photos.

Now I have the perfect keepsake to go with our other treasures from our beach adventure! I hope that this project has inspired you to create your own shadow box to chronicle your perfect beach get away, or any other memories that you’d like to capture.